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Drosera binata, commonly known as the fork-leaved sundew or forked sundew, is a carnivorous plant native to Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia. It is characterized by its upright growth habit, reaching heights of 20 to 50 centimeters (8 to 20 inches). The plant features long, slender stems with leaves that are deeply forked into two to four narrow lobes, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Each lobe of the leaf is covered with glandular tentacles topped with sticky mucilage droplets. These tentacles attract, capture, and digest insects, which provide essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus that are lacking in its native habitat of nutrient-poor soils such as bogs and swamps.

Drosera binata thrives in sunny to partially shaded locations with damp conditions, where it can effectively trap and consume insects to supplement its diet. It is popular among carnivorous plant enthusiasts for its unique morphology and efficient trapping mechanism.

Drosera binata

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