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Meet Kathleen Linville, the vibrant soul behind the blooming fields of Bushel & Peck in Huntington, West Virginia! Her fields not only burst with beautiful colors but also serve as sanctuaries for pollinators, embodying her passion for environmental stewardship. In Kathleen Linville's world, every bloom tells a story of care and dedication. Her mission goes beyond petals and stems—it's about fostering connections and creating moments of joy through the simple elegance of flowers.


This flower workshop will be dedicated to the art of growing cut flowers and creating stunning bouquets! Join us for a day immersed in the beauty and joy of floral arrangements.


Workshop will be held at our greenhouse, 2202 Madison Ave, Huntington,WV,25704 and will start at 12pm. Seating is limited so please bring your own chair. Snacks and Drinks are not provied so feel free to bring either or. 

Bushel & Peck Workshop

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