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A tropical carnivorous plant that is native to southeast Asia and westward to Madagascar. Nepenthes prefer high humidity  but their preference in temperatures range widely. They can be further classified into three distinguishable groups. Lowland, Intermediate and Highland species.


Lowland growing species prefer it hot and humid. Growing in low elevation tropical forests, temperatures hover in  80 - 85F range  and humidity can be anywhere from 80% - 100%. Lowland nepenthes prefer low to medium light.


Intermediate growing species grow in a temperature range which is similar to the inside of your house. They can tolerate temps into the 80's and also temps as low as 50F but prefer 68-75F. Humidty in the 55-100% range is conducive to intermediate nepethes success. Many of your beginner species and hybrids are in the Intermediate classification and are relatively tolerant of beginner learning.

Highland nepenthes  grow in tropical mountain ranges and higher elevation scrub land. These types of habitat  have dramatic temperature swings on a daily basis. Day time temps can reach 85F while night time temps can dip as low as 40F. Highland nepenthes are a bit more demanding what it come to cultivation. Typically requiring specialized grow chambers to imitate night time temperature drops.

Now within these two groups there are smaller classifications which help to narrow down your search when trying to figure out which nepenthes is right for you. Ultra lowland, lowland, intermediate, highland and ultra highland. All require an adjustment on their care requirements and are unique in their growth characteristics. 

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