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Our native plant selection is available to both retail and wholesale customers.  Please see pricing below.  If you are an industry professional, landscape contractor or non profits, please send us a message as to how you can join. Most plants are currently grown in 2.5″ plug sized containers (full flat = 72 plugs). Some 4.5″ quart pots and gallon pots (#1) may be available.

Plugs are $3.00 each (mix and match)
Half Flat (36 plugs mix & match) - $104.00
Full Flat (72 plugs mix & match) - $195.00

*some species may be excluded from standard plug pricing and full flat discount. Special plugs are typically $6 each, and while they don’t get the full flat discount, they do count towards filling your flat.

Quart pot pricing varies – typically $8-$10 each
Gallon (#1) pricing varies – typically $12-$18 each

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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